My works

What will you find here?
Here you can find some of the things that bring joy and happiness into my life and that I am really proud of for various reasons. If you have any questions or comments about any of my art pieces please don’t hesitate to reach out and write me a message.


Illustrations Just for fun I really like to draw, but that doesn’t mean I can always draw. There are days when I just fail, no matter how hard I try, and there are days when […]

Grandpa’s Homemade Beer Logo and Journal Design

Grandpa's homemade beer Logo and brewing Journal design The main concept was to create a brand vision which has a handcrafted, modern and reliable vibe. The golden hot foil and […]

Business card design for Kati Vörös

Business card design for Kati Vörös This is a playful business card for a wonderful and charismatic interior designer. This two sided business card is made from two different […]

Logo design for Norwegian-Hungarian Forum

Logo design for the Hungarian-Norwegian Forum This forum gives help for Hungarian people who have moved to or are just planning to move to Norway. This is a really kind, fun, […]

Business card and logo design for Studio Safranek

Business card design for myself aka Studio Safranek To fully understand my logo, I have to tell a bit about a Hungarian animation movie, the Cat City. This is a famous animation […]

Illustrations for Az Új kutyád group

Illustrations for "Az Új kutyád" (Your new dog) group I have been working with Az új kutyád organization since 2020 as a volunteer graphic designer. I created a new website […]

3D visual design for Practident Dental Clinic

Visual design for Practident Dental Clinic Lifelike interior visual designs for a private dental practice in Budapest. Year of design: 2019 […]